Google I/O 2014: Here's what technophiles should expect


Only a few days from now Google will kick off its biggest developer event of the year, and technology enthusiasts have been placing bets and getting into heated discussions about what Google has in store for developers and consumers for the next 12 months.

So while Google is getting ready to conduct its annual Google I/O conference at the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco on June 25 to 26, let's take a look at the various reports, predictions and analyses that have riddled the rumor mill these past few weeks leading up to the big event.

Android 5.0

It only makes sense to expect a new version of Google's mobile operating system. It's been nine months since we have been introduced to KitKat, and never had an I/O conference passed by without Google talking about the world's most in demand mobile OS.

This year, rumor has it that Android 5.0, or 4.5 as others say, will continue its tradition of sweetness and will be named Android Lollipop. Oh, and it will look nothing like the older versions. According to Android Police, Google is undergoing an all-encompassing major redesign of its mobile and web interfaces, including the interface for the new Lollipop, which is said to have a cleaner, simpler look that feels pretty much like Apple's iOS 8.

On the developer side, Google is rumored to be planning to move its mobile OS from its Dalvik runtime to ART, which will increase battery efficiency while decreasing load times for third-party apps.

Google Fit

Apple took the jump, and Google is more than willing to follow one of its biggest competitors into the health and fitness market. While Apple announced its HealthKit platform at its Worldwide Developer Conference earlier this month, Google is reportedly slated to announce Google Fit, a cloud-based central hub that collects a variety of health-related information gathered through a variety of devices.

Exactly how Google will make Google Fit different from HealthKit or other similar services we will hopefully learn at this week's I/O.


Google has recently taken huge steps into the wearable industry, so it's only fair to say that company executives will be taking up a considerable amount of time talking about its wearables.

Many are looking forward to the release of the first smartwatch running on Android Wear, Google's new operating system for wearable devices. This could either be the LG G watch or the Moto 360. Samsung is also said to be working on an Android Wear device, despite its latest efforts to move away from Android and popularize its homegrown Tizen OS.

And we could also hear a few Google Glass announcements, specifically the announcement about when Google plans to make it available to the general public, although many still doubt the smart eyewear's ability to become a real success.

Android CarWear

This one's likely to happen, given the fact that Apple has also unveiled its own CarPlay OS and Google has been working on its own driverless cars for some time now. The rumor mill is going crazy about Google's new car-based Android system that will allow users to control their smartphones from the dashboard.  

The new product is said to allow drivers to get access to Google maps, play music and send messages on the go, without requiring them to look down at their smartphones and get distracted while driving.

Android TV

It was only a matter of time before Google rose from the ashes of its Google TV defeat, so expect to hear about the upcoming Android TV this week. But rumors say Android TV isn't a revamped version of Google TV, which then Google chief Eric Schmidt wrongly projected to be seen in most U.S. households in 2012.

Unlike Google TV, Android TV will serve as a platform where content providers can build upon their apps and send streaming content to their customers. The objective, it is said, is to being "cinematic, fun, fluid and fast" viewing experiences with "the least amount of friction." Leaked documents also say that Google is getting in touch with app developers to create apps and games for Android TV, which goes to show Google is also targeting avid gamers as a possible Android TV market. 

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