Nearly everything has been made in Minecraft at this point. From massive recreations of entire cities to working calculators, it seems like Mojang's cultural phenomenon has no limits.

That being said, few could have ever guessed that something like this was even possible. One Redditor (and genius) who goes by the name Magib1 is recreating all of Pokemon Red in Minecraft.

Let's be a little more clear: this isn't Minecraft characters running around and throwing Pokeballs at sheep. Magib1 is programming Pokemon Red in Minecraft, even making it playable on a virtual Game Boy. Minecraft is being used as a programming tool, and it's completely insane.

"I am attempting to recreate Pokémon Red in Vanilla using command blocks and a resource pack," Magib1 writes. "This is meant to be a true port of the game, not an adaptation, and is being designed to run on a 10x9 block representation of a Gameboy Color screen. I do plan on releasing the map once it gets far enough along to actually be playable, but that is still a ways off."

Seriously, this is some complex stuff. Magib1 has been answering questions about the project on Reddit, here is what they said when asked how they made something like this possible:

"There's a physical representation of the map (see screen shots below) in spawn chunks in which each block corresponds with a texture," Magib1 writes. You can see the map below. "When the player clicks, a reader armor stand moves and clones the row of new textures behind the display. Display armor stands then detect the block type and stick the corresponding texture on their head before moving. The player model is just swapping between a static walking and standing texture."

We weren't kidding about the whole "genius" thing. Magib1 is even working on a Pokedex to go along with the game, because Pokemon isn't complete without a detailed list of all the defenseless creatures you've encountered and enslaved.

"It is a rather ambitious project," Magib1 continues. "I hope to get most of the core mechanics sorted out over the next 3 or 4 months."

Calling this whole project ambitious might just be the understatement of the year.

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