The Apple Watch continues to grow in popularity, and a number of companies have begun releasing apps for the platform.

Google, for example, has a Maps app for the Apple Watch. Or Airbnb, which has an Apple Watch app that puts guests in touch with their host. Well, Blackberry has just released an Apple Watch app for BlackBerry Messenger.

The new app is exactly what users would expect. It allows users to receive notifications about incoming messages, after which they can read them straight from their wrist. Users can also reply to messages, either through pre-written responses or by dictating them using voice-to-text.

Users are also able to view photos through the BBM app and can see delivered and read receipts. Of course, there is also emoji support.

BlackBerry has updated the iOS app to support Apple Watch. This updated app also introduces the official BBM Sticker Club subscription, which is available in the BBM Shop. Users can also send videos directly in chat. Last but not least is PayPal integration, with users able to send money directly through the service as an attachment.

The BBM app is one of very few popular messaging apps for the Apple Watch, with neither WhatsApp nor Facebook Messenger yet offering Apple Watch companion apps. It is likely that we will see an app for these services over time, but until then, users will have to stick to iMessage or BBM.

Via: Engadget

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