'Star Wars Rebels' Gets A New Inquisitor For Season 2, Voiced By Sarah Michelle Gellar


The first season of Star Wars Rebels introduced fans to the Inquisitor, a lightsaber wielding, dark side assassin looking to put an end to the remaining Jedi hiding in the galaxy far, far away.

Turns out he wasn't the only Inquisitor in the service of the Empire. In fact, two new Inquisitors are joining the cast of Star Wars Rebels in season two, with one of them being voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Gellar will be voicing "The Seventh Sister" on the show. Like the last Inquisitor, the Seventh Sister has an affinity for dark clothing and evil-looking helmets, as well as double-bladed lightsabers that spin around. She'll be on the hunt for Ahsoka this season, but no doubt she'll be bumping into Kanan and the rest of the cast as well. Gellar is actually the wife of Kanan voice actor Freddie Prinze Jr., so it should be fun to see the two actors play off one another. Judging from the trailer that debuted on BuzzFeed earlier today, there will be plenty of conflict to go around.

"I may be No. 7, but I'm pretty much No. 1," Gellar says in the video before diving into how her character was brought to life. She says she didn't know what her character looked like before getting into the voice recording booth. Once there, animators from the show incorporated Gellar's mannerisms and movements into the character, so the Seventh Sister is based on more than just Gellar's voice.

"They would record my mannerisms – sometimes when I would get into character I would do certain things with my hands, and then a couple weeks later I would see that in the drawing," she says. "They sort of reflect and mirror each other."

We still don't know much about the other Inquisitor who appears briefly in the trailer (that's him on the left in the above image), but expect to learn more about him soon. Star Wars Rebels season two premieres Oct. 14 on Disney XD.

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