Take An Early Look At Jim Lee And Brian Bolland's 'The Dark Knight III' Cover


DC Comics previously revealed that over 30 different variant covers will be printed for the Dark Knight III: The Master Race miniseries. Now, fans can take an early look at the two new covers created by artists Jim Lee and Brian Bolland.

Jim Lee, who famously illustrated the year-long monthly series Batman: Hush that was published in 2002, revealed an early look at his variant cover on Facebook on Wednesday. The penciled image shows an angry Batman standing over his sidekick Carrie Kelley.

"Just finished my penciled Dark Knight 3: The Master Race variant cover," Lee posted with the hashtags #batman, #dccomics, #carrierkelley and #firstlook with the image.

Third Eye Comics also shared the variant cover by artists Brian Bolland on Thursday. Bolland is known for illustrating Batman: The Killing Joke, so it comes as no surprise that his cover would include our favorite Batman villain — the Joker.

The cover features the Dark Knight stand with hands on his hips, looking strong and stern behind the Joker. The Joker is looking off to the side, grinning ear to ear and wearing a silver suit.

The Dark Knight III is the final installment in the trilogy by writer Frank Miller, which began with The Dark Knight Returns, followed by The Dark Knight Strikes Again. While the art will mainly be done by Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson, over 30 comics retailers have participated in DC's program to release exclusive variant covers to these shops. Among the artists lending their talents for the covers include: Dave Gibbons, Jae Lee, Rafel Albuquerque and John Romita.

The Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1 will be released Nov. 25.

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