Deemed as the world's largest consumer electronics company, Apple seems keen in widening its wings even more. The second spaceship-like headquarters in Sunnyvale, designed to mingle with nature, is slated to land soon.

A report indicates that Apple has made an agreement with Landbank Investments, LLC to lease a large piece of real estate located in Sunnyvale, around five miles from the Cupertino campus.

It is rumored that Apple will house its electric car business in this second spaceship campus.

The 777,000-square-foot project, boasting three, six-storey buildings that look similar to spaceships, could host about 3,000 Apple employees.

The buildings will be equipped with sweeping glass windows as well as park-like grounds.

The proposed campus has its own website, dubbed, which perhaps captures the concept of the Apple's newest project. The architect's eye-poppingly beautiful plans of the project can be spotted on the website.

It is said that Apple likely leased, not bought, the project. The report did not indicate though when the construction will start.

Analysts are already predicting potential profits from its electric automobiles, which will purportedly hit the road by 2019.

“While sales are likely to begin later than 2019, we believe investors are starting to try to factor the Apple car into the model,” said Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. “To put the car in perspective, every 40,000 units at a $75K ASP would add 1% to 2021 revenue.”

Apple's 2.8 million-square-foot "spaceship" campus in Cupertino has not even built yet. But it is reported that Tim Cook, along with around 12,000 employees, is expected to move in late next year.

In September, we reported that Apple is also building its new campus in Austin, Texas. When construction is completed in 2016, it will be deemed as the company's second-biggest location worldwide.

The Austin campus will showcase on-site health and fitness centers as well as restaurants. This is located amid 38 acres of wooded land and 1.1 million square feet of office space. This will reportedly host around 7,000 employees.

Reports say, Buildings 3 and 4 of the Austin campus are already constructed. Currently, three buildings are still being built. These buildings are equipped with a dental office, a doctor's office and examination rooms.

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