Apple's new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus has a few impressive specs, such as the A9 processor, which makes them the fastest devices currently on the market, the new Touch ID, the live photo functionality and of course, the new rose gold color that quickly sold out.

However, one the iPhone 6s' best features is one that Apple has kept on the down low — the smartphone is nearly waterproof.

While companies like Samsung tend to make sure consumers know that its phones are water-resistant, Apple has not vocalized this feature, probably because it doesn't want its customers submerging the devices and uploading YouTube videos about it.

However, there have already been a few videos that prove the iPhone 6s can withstand a longer period underwater than its predecessors. Now, iFixit reports that the new Apple smartphone is in fact nearly waterproof.

After opening up the device, iFixit discovered the iPhone 6s is equipped with an adhesive around the display that could have been designed to keep liquids out. While the phone isn't completely waterproof (some phones didn't survive the water test), iFixit found the phone has a gasket strip that runs around the perimeter of the display. The gasket comes in either white or black, depending on the color of the display, and Apple actually reworked the frame to be approximately 0.3 mm wider than the iPhone 6 to accommodate the gasket.

Apple previously filed a patent in March for waterproof silicone seal for its board connectors, and iFitix found that everything on the board of the iPhone 6s — from the battery to Lightning port to various buttons — are all surrounded by a silicone seal that will prevent water from seeping in.

Check out iFixit's investigation below.

Via: iFixit

Photo: Compudemano | Flickr

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