Apple CEO Tim Cook says that encryption is important in today's time, expressing his thoughts about user data security and even national security. Cook also assures Apple fans that their personal information won't be misused.

In an interview with NPR's Robert Siegel, Cook talked about Apple's policy and how it came to be after the Cupertino company's website was updated with explanations on how it handles personal information. Cook also emphasized his stance on privacy, saying that it is a "fundamental human right."

"However, we design our products in such a way that privacy is designed into the product. And security is designed in. And so if you think about it ... some of our most personal data is on the phone: our financial data, our health information, our conversations with our friends and family and coworkers," Cook said.

Regarding a back door that national government agencies can use to gain access to user data, Cook said he was against it, even if it's for national security. The Apple CEO explains that if there is a back door for good people, then bad people will eventually find a way to use it as well.

Cook continued to say that Apple's privacy measures are from its company's values, emphasizing that people have a right to privacy and that its customers are not products. He also mentioned that Apple hopes to maintain its consumers' trust.

"We don't collect a lot of your data and understand every detail about your life. That's just not the business that we are in," Cook said.

According to Cook, Apple only knows users' purchase history to make good recommendations for apps, videos and music, drawing the line at apps sharing data. The content of users' email should not be used for marketing purposes, he suggested.

Apple is determined to keep its users' data safe from the hands of wrongdoers, and it doesn't plan to give any government agency a back door. From both a commercial and a moral viewpoint, Cook's position about privacy and security will definitely benefit Apple.

Photo: Valery Marchive | Flickr

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