If you find an iOS app you want while browsing on desktop or your mobile device, but want to save it for later download, Lookmark has you covered.

For most mobile users, it's quite common to read about an app online or hear about an app from friends and decide to give it a shot, but downloading it at a later time would be more convenient. A service called Lookmark aims to make it easier to add iOS apps to a wish list for later download.

If you found an app you'd like when browsing on the desktop or on your mobile device, you can save it for later with the Lookmark Share Extension. Whether you don't have time to install it at that point or you want to wait until you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection so you don't have to use your mobile data, Lookmark allows you to save the app for later download and it will also remind you in case you forget.

At the same time, smart notifications will also enable you to easily install apps you spot on your computer or in the App Store. Lookmark will also save all the apps you want to download later in a neat collection so they're easy to find.

Lookmark is a free service that's available as an extension for Chrome on the desktop, as well as for iPhones and iPads. Once you save an app for later download, you can access your list of saved apps from your mobile device and download the apps when it's convenient.

Users who install the Lookmark extension will then find a Lookmark icon in the address bar whenever they access a page that has links to apps in the App Store. Simply clicking on the icon and toggling the switches will instantly save the desired apps to your wish list. On an iPhone or an iPad, users will find Lookmark in the share sheet when they want to add apps to the list for later download.

Lookmark should also come in handy for saving multiple apps at once when you're browsing through top iOS apps or other such lists. Head over to the Lookmark website for more info, download Lookmark for iOS from iTunes or get the Chrome extension.

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