You knew it would happen. Sooner or later, it always does.

It only took five months, but someone has gotten Doom to run on an Apple Watch. Over the years, the original 1993 video game that spawned an entire genre has been ported to more systems than most people know exist.

It was first released for DOS, but since then has made appearances on systems made for Amiga, Atari, Linux, Mac, Nintendo, PlayStation, Sega, Xbox and many more. Those are just the official versions; countless others have been ported by fans for every obscure computer system or device you can imagine.

Lior Tubi and Mehdi Mulani of Facebook Tel-Aviv took part in a company-sponsored hackathon event. For their project, they decided to port Doom to Apple's iOS and watchOS. They got it to run natively on an Apple Watch, too — a feat only possible thanks to watchOS 2's new functions. In the video below, the developer appears to be using the tiny device's touchscreen to control the action. That causes his finger to cover pretty much the entire screen, of course, but it's impressive nonetheless.

In addition to the Apple Watch, Tubi and Mulani also got Doom running on Apple TV. Take a look at the Apple Watch version in action.

Via: Venture Beat

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