Google Glass is getting an upgrade. New devices will ship with 2 GB of RAM, and the latest software update includes a number of new features. While prospective buyers are excited by the change, many early adopters are frustrated that their devices are being outclassed.

The additional RAM will significantly increase the speed at which Google Glass can perform complex commands and make taxing programs run more smoothly. Users will also be able to run more apps at the same time. The latest update also improves battery life by 15 percent. Google actually rolled out the improved battery in March, but the biggest gains are coming through software rather than hardware, with the new software update improving overall efficiency.

A number of new apps and features will be included in a software update that is included with the new devices and available to all Google Glass users. Google Now has been updated with cards that remind users where they parked as well as notify them when a package is due to arrive. The photo feature has also added a viewfinder to help frame shots.

"When you say 'ok glass, show the viewfinder' you'll see white L's in the four corners of your Glass screen," says Google in a statement. "You can then either take a photo by saying 'ok glass, take a picture,' with a wink, or by pushing the camera button."

Google has also revealed 12 new apps made specifically for Google Glass. A music recognition service called Shazam will accept voice commands to record brief sections of songs and identify them. An app called 94Fifty Basketball will give feedback to athletes during training. The app connects with a basketball equipped with sensors and analyzes information about each shot.

Many early adopters of Google Glass have suggested that they should be able to return their devices in exchange for the new model. Seeing themselves as beta testers rather than consumers who purchased a product, some "Explorers" say that Google should be continuing to upgrade existing devices for free until the full commercial release of Google Glass. Google currently has no plans to offer upgrades to those who already own Google Glass. However, Google does replace defective devices, so one user named Jake Weisz points out that the company may see an increase in the number of defective product claims if the replacement is the new 2 GB model.

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