Google’s search is over, following a recent announcement of the first batch of certified partners for its Glass at Work project.

Recall that Google has been on the lookout for developers-partners who are designing Glassware to assist businesses in reaching its goals.

“We heard from hundreds of enterprise developers and today we’re excited to announce our first round of Glass at Work Certified Partners. Congrats to APX, Augmedix, Crowdoptic, GuidiGO and Wearable Intelligence,” Google says in a blog post.

By Glass Certified Partners, the company means developers who are certified by Glass at Work to deliver enterprise solutions for its wearable device, the Google Glass. These partners are likewise qualified for co-branding as well as listing on the website of Glass at Work.

Google, for instance, cites its recent partner Augmedix for its effort to work with Dignity Health to help physicians spend more time with their patients and less on computers through its Electronic Health Record.

“… we believe everyone who walks through our doors should be treated as a person, not just a patient,” Dignity Health says in its official website.

Reason why it decided to partner with Google Glass, “to find an alternative way to access and input important information in the patient record in real-time without requiring our physicians to be tethered to the computer.”

“This technology allows me to maintain eye contact with my patients and have continuous conversations without having to enter information into a computer,” says Dr. Davin Lundquist, chief medical information officer at Dignity Health and family medicine practitioner. “The ability to listen, communicate, and care is just as critical as the diagnosis, and this technology allows me to spend more focused and quality time with my patients.”

A study by the Northwestern University reveals that when doctors spend much time staring at computer screen in the examination room, patient’s nonverbal cues may be overlooked and may affect the ability of doctors to stay focused and communicate with their patients. The study, Dynamic modeling of patient and physician eye gaze to understand the effects of electronic health records on doctor–patient communication and attention, was published in the International Journal of Medical Informatics.

On the other hand, Google partner PX Labs is the maker of Skylight, top business software for Google Glass that provides employees with real-time, hands-free access to data they need as well as the expertise to perform their functions.

CrowdOptic, another partner, develops software that detects important broadcast events from wearable devices and mobile devices.

"Google Glass has been the subject of a bit of backlash on the consumer side. But what's been woefully under-reported is the widespread adoption and positive experiences on the enterprise side,” CrowdOptic’s founder and CEO Jon Fisher said

GuidiGo, meanwhile, is also Google’s partner whose mission is inspire everyone to connect with culture and art with the use of a fascinating mobile storytelling experiences.

Last but not least of Google's certified partner is Wearable Intelligence that develops Glassware for areas such as healthcare, manufacturing and health, among others.

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