Daredevil Teen Plunges To Death While Taking Selfie On Ninth Floor Rooftop


Extreme rooftop photography may collect numerous likes on Instagram and other social media sites, but the act has cost the lives of many daredevils. In Russia, the number of deaths and injuries has increased.

One case is the recent death of a 17-year-old named Andrey Retrovsky who attempted to hang onto a rope from a roof. Instead of achieving what would have been another one of his signature Instagram photos, the teen plunged to the ground from nine stories high when the rope snapped.

Andrey was rushed to the hospital but died from extensive injuries two hours after his fall.

On Instagram, Andrey, a native of Vologda, Russia, posted photos of himself on dangerously high places such as rooftops and ledges. His last post was a photo of the green ropes he was going to use for his last idea.

Meanwhile, a group of Russian teenagers who call themselves "Roofers" often meet up to illegally take daring photos of themselves on the roofs of high-rise buildings. Apparently, extreme rooftop photography has become a youth subculture in the country.

Throughout 2015, at least 10 deaths and more than 100 injuries caused by taking extreme selfies have been reported in Russia.

These statistics have prompted the Russian police to launch a campaign called "safe selfies" in May. The campaign included selfie-taking guides that served as a warning for people not to take selfies in extremely dangerous places. It reminded the public that "even a million likes on social media are not worth your life."

At the Royal Gate of Taj Mahal, for instance, a 66-year-old Japanese tourist fell down a staircase while trying to take a selfie. He was rushed to the hospital but suffered a heart attack and died.

A recent study also discovered that taking selfies is now considered a highly fatal activity. Compared to death tolls caused by sharks, the number of deaths caused by taking selfies is greater.

According to the study, the top cause of selfie deaths is falling from dangerous places, followed by accidents involving trains. Some were hit while planning to take a photo while others were hit by the vehicle while taking a photo.

Russian government officials warn the public to always take precautions whenever taking selfies.

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