It's been barely a week since the 3D Touch technology-empowered iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus made their way to consumers but now, Instagram has already taken advantage of the hardware feature.

How you ask? The popular photo-sharing app has developed some new interactions that deploy 3D Touch. Users will be able to get a peek into the profiles and images by using three new APIs Apple has provided developers.

The APIs would enable developers to augment their apps by adding another dimension.

"For Instagram, 3D Touch is much more than a 2015 version of the 'right click.' The interaction adds another level of depth and carries a different intent. You aren't yet committed to navigating to the content, but it's clear that you are interested," notes the photo-app service in a post.

A post from Instagram's blog reveals how its engineers seamlessly integrated the 3D Touch APIs effectively to give the app an added element. The new elements Instagram has integrated are Quick Actions and Peek and Pop.

The Quick Actions feature will basically enable users to choose a maximum of four context menu items from an application's icon. It makes Instagram easier to use per the service.

Users will be able to jump directly into the creation of a new post thanks to Quick Actions. They can also check out what's happening on their Instagram and need not wait for everything to load.

The Peek and Pop feature, as the name suggests, will let users get a glimpse into the content, i.e., "peek" and then delve deeper into it to "pop" it open. A user just has to press the screen lightly for the pop-up window to appear and offer a peek. Complete pressure or force will pop open the complete content in a window.

This feature is useful for Instagram users as they will be able to catch a glimpse of photos without really loading the entire image. While this may seem like saving a mere second, the feature actually cuts a lot of time in the context of checking out several dozen pictures. The Peek and Pop feature has always been used for videos and headers by Instagram.

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