Not too long ago, rumors spread like wildfire revealing that Roku Inc. could possibly be working on its high-end streaming set-top box referred to as Roku 4, in a bid to compete with the Amazon Fire TV and Nvidia's new Android TV. Now, the company has taken the wraps off the Roku 4, the company's first set-top box to support 4K streaming.

This streaming gadget, which comes with $129.99 price tag, is already available for preorder and will land in people's homes later this month.

What's exciting with the new streaming unit is it comes with its latest version of its streaming software, Roku OS 7. This updated OS, which will be rolled out to other Roku units in mid-October, makes it possible for users to follow movies, TV shows, directors as well as actors, rather than just movies and TV shows.

When something that has been followed is already available in a channel, the My Feed feature will inform users when it is ready to stream at home. Moreover, My Feed will alert the users of price drops, for instance, on videos they're presently tracking.

This Roku device incorporates a speedier quad-core processor for 60 fps 4K streaming. In addition to the usual microSD port and HDMI port, Roku 4 is likewise built with an optical audio port.

One more fascinating functionality the unit has to offer is its new Hotel and Dorm Connect feature. This new feature is specifically great for men and women who travel with the Roku 4 since it permits them to easily log into Wi-Fi portals which require a browser-based login, utilizing the Roku mobile application.

Like Roku 3, it boasts the same headphone jack, voice search and motion control with buttons for video games.

It is also worth noting that it includes a lost remote finder feature.

"Just press the button on top of your Roku 4 and your remote will tell you where it is," reads the product description of Roku 4.

The Roku 4 touts a bigger body than all of its predecessors.

Meanwhile, to savor the huge benefits the 4K streaming device touts to offer, users need pricey TVs that support 4, although it also works with a 720p or 1080p TV.

Users who would like to grab the Roku 4 can head over to

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