Twitter introduced a new feature called Moments on Tuesday, Oct. 6, which is designed to help users more easily find the best tweets around a single topic or event.

Users can access Moments in a new tab with a lightning bolt icon. This will show "a list of Moments that matter now," as Twitter's Madhu Muthukumar, the project manager of Moments, put it in a blog post announcing the new feature Tuesday. Twitter will update that list throughout the day with new stories. Stories from the past few days will also be grouped in general topics like "Entertainment" and "Sports."

When you click on a Moment, you're then taken to an introduction screen with a title and description. You can swipe through the story to see related images and auto-playing videos, Vines and GIFs. You can also interact with tweets in Moments the same way you would normally on the social network, but you can also share the entire Moment itself by tweeting it out to your followers.

Twitter will update moments as often as "new information or great Tweets become available," and updated Moments will be designated with a blue dot, according to the blog post. Users will also have the option of following Moments that have constant updates, such as live sporting events or awards shows.

Twitter's curation team organizes Moments, but some are also contributed by partners, such as BuzzFeed, MLB, Getty Images and NASA. The company also plans on expanding this group of partners in the future.

Twitter is rolling out Moments on Tuesday in the U.S. in the Android, iOS and desktop versions of the social network. However, those outside of the U.S. can engage with Moments they find in a tweet, DM or embedded anywhere else until the feature becomes available in other countries in the future.

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