The iconic photo of the cast of Star Wars VII has now been immortalized in block form.

Lego tweeted out the reimagined photo on its official account: "You've met the actors, now meet the Minifigure cast of @starwars Episode VII! #LEGOStarWars #StarWarsVII"

The Lego-version of the photo perfectly captures the scene with director J. J. Abrams and the entire cast, complete with the actors' exact poses and expressions. Unlike the original, though, Peter Mayhew has been substituted with his furry counterpart, Chewbacca, and Anthony Daniels is depicted as the droid C-3PO. Other actors are dressed as their characters, particularly those from previous Star Wars films, including Harrison Ford appearing as Han Solo with his blaster and Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in her iconic slave bikini outfit from Return of the Jedi. The fact that it was made in black and white makes it even more precise.

This toy-based rendition isn't just fun and games. There is a long history of Star Wars playsets being released by Lego. Beyond physical toys, there are also several Lego Star Wars video games. So don't be surprised if you can get your hands on a version of these figures next year.

The original photo was released in April at, with the official announcment of the cast of Star Wars VII. The cast and director are captured during a script reading session at Pinewood Studios, the location in England where the new movie is being filmed.

Star Wars VII is the first film in a new trilogy being made by Lucasfilm. The new trilogy was announced in October 2012 when Disney purchased the company from creator George Lucas. Though not acting as a writer or director as in the past six Star Wars films, Lucas will serve as a creative consultant. The film takes place chronologically after the original trilogy, with most of the original cast returning to depict their famous characters. (Though the actors have aged, they look unchanged according to Lego!)

The film is scheduled to be released Dec. 18, 2015. You can see the full version of the Lego photo on Lego's Twitter account.

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