The new Chromecast is apparently still missing some key features on iOS, as the latest interface is not available just yet for iPhones and iPads.

The new version of the Chromecast app should offer a number of neat new features that raised lots of interest, but the iOS app doesn't have them just yet. Features such as voice search and content search or options such as "Devices," "What's On" and "Get Apps" are missing from the app, although the App Store makes it look like everything's in order and fully functional.

Google didn't just introduce improved hardware and a new look, it also boasted a brand new Chromecast app that promises far better functionality and convenience. The new app aims to help users find content across any streaming app, while also allowing them to issue voice commands and make text searches to find what they're looking for in an easier and more intuitive manner.

As great as that may sound, the Chromecast iOS app lacks many options for now, and it remains unclear just when they will become available. Even with the latest version of the app, listed as 1.12.5715 in the App Store, some key features are notably absent although the app supports all new Chromecast devices.

The Chromecast app on the App Store even shows a screenshot of the new interface, which says that "Chromecast needs to be set up," but in reality the app doesn't move away from the old interface.

The folks over at Digital Trends have contacted Google's tech support and found out that the new interface was in fact "not yet available for iOS devices," the publication reports.

"Pressed to explain why the Apple App store made it look as though it was, the agent confessed he had no answer," Digital Trends further explains.

It comes as no big surprise that Google made the new interface available for its own Android platform first, but the company never announced that the iOS app will take longer to get the latest features and interface. For now, one thing's for sure: the Chromecast iOS app is not fully updated as it should be and some of the latest features are missing. In other words, everything works, but you won't be able to enjoy the new app with its much-touted features and functionality. 

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