LG recently launched its 5.7-inch V10 smartphone that boasts two screens and now the company has revealed another top-notch feature of the device - LG GATE.

LG GATE is an enterprise-level security feature which is compliant with the US Federal Government Standard. The LG V10 offers support for VPN and deploys the FIPS 140-2 certification. It also meets the AES-256 encryption algorithm security standard from the government.

LG GATE is built-in for the V10 and comes pre-loaded with a slew of features which will be of benefit to enterprise users. The smartphone will not only be rich in productivity, but at the same time be compliant with government standard military and security compliance parameters.

Thanks to the FIPS and AES-56 support, LG GATE is able to secure data on SD cards and the smartphone itself. Therefore, business users will find the smartphone perfect for work purposes and not fear any data compromises owing to attacks.

LG GATE offers mobile device management (MDM), VPN, data encryption, as well as heightened email support. This suite of features enable a business user to protect sensitive data. LG GATE does not merely use Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) for emails, but instead adds several layers of permits. LG V10 users will also have the ability to send across encrypted emails. They will also have the option of applying restriction on forwarding or replying to the email, thereby exercising control over who gets access to the message.

For those worried about what happens in the event the LG V10 is stolen or misplaced, the option to remotely wipe the device's data or lock it is available. Moreover, to unlock the LG V10 there are two methods: fingerprint reader and a Knock Code software. These add another layer of protection.

The LG V10 is anticipated to make its way to U.S. carriers in time for the holiday season. The pricing of the smartphone is not yet known, though.

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