Toyota just keeps revving up its future technology.

A few days after announcing that it plans to roll out with its self-driving cars around 2020 – adding that its been working with autonomous technology since the 1990s – Toyota is set to debut its FCV Plus hydrogen-based concept car at the annual Tokyo Motor Show.

With compressed hydrogen owning a higher energy density than electricity and easy to store, Toyota sees it as a promising future energy source. In fact, the automaker envisions a hydrogen-sustainable society — one that could see the FCV Plus being used to actually power your future home.

By connecting external fuel cells through an electricity generator, the FCV Plus could power homes or anything else for that matter because of the way hydrogen can be stored.

The vehicle comes equipped with its own hydrogen tank, but can also generate electricity from hydrogen stored outside the vehicle. One of the ideas behind the concept is for the vehicle to be used someday as as energy hub capable of sharing its power throughout the community it's in. 

That can be accomplished since the FCV Plus's fuel cell stack can be reused to generate electricity, which is then shared. The fuel stack sits between the front tires and the hydrogen tank behind the rear seat. Much like the technology itself, the mere look of this concept screams futuristic to the tenth power.

In addition to debuting the FCV Plus, Toyota will also roll out with its C-HR compact hybrid crossover concept, the S-FR sporty concept and Kikai concept.

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