Microsoft is getting ready to launch a wireless adapter for the Xbox One that will allow gamers to play on any Windows 10 device with their Xbox One controller without being tethered to the device through the controller's cable.

The wireless adapter is a black USB dongle that looks like an assuming USB thumb drive, except for Microsoft's unmistakable Xbox branding. It will be available from Microsoft's online store for $24.99 beginning Oct. 22, Tuesday.

On its own, the adapter does not cost much, but its price is still on top of the $60 that gamers have to pay to buy the Xbox One controller if they want a separate controller for their Windows 10 device. Still, the adapter should make it convenient for gamers to play Xbox One games on Windows 10 without strings attached, literally. 

The wireless adapter works with any PC, laptop or tablet running on Windows 10. It will also work with Xbox One games streamed to a PC. Once gamers plug in the wireless adapter to their PC, the wireless controller will automatically detect the signal to let them control their games without a cord.

Gamers only need to have a Windows 10 device that has a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port to bind the adapter to their Xbox One wireless controller. The dongle also comes with its own USB extender cable to let gamers extend the USB connection to their device and enhance placement and accessibility for the adapter.

Unfortunately, the wireless adapter will not work with the Xbox 360 wireless controller, and it's unclear if Microsoft plans to extend its functionality to the previous-gen console's controller. Microsoft also says Xbox One owners may need to upgrade their firmware for them to be able to use the wireless adapter. Specifically, gamers will need to upgrade to Windows 10, as Microsoft is not likely to add Xbox One support for older Windows versions.

Although Microsoft has seemingly admitted the Xbox One's defeat by the PlayStation 4, the Redmond-based software company remains serious about using gaming as an advantage in bringing over PC users to Windows 10. So far, it looks like the tactic is succeeding, as Microsoft recently revealed Windows 10's adoption rate surpassed the 100 million mark.

Interested gamers who want to purchase the wireless adapter can check out its page on the Microsoft online store on Oct. 22.

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