Debate Rages On Over Dr. Filardi's Killing Of Rare Bird Mustached Kingfisher


The recent killing of a rare bird called a mustached kingfisher for research purposes had sparked ongoing rages from across the scientific community.

Chris Filardi, director of Pacific Programs at The Museum of Natural History, wrote in a statement released on Oct. 7  that in the previous month, he spotted the rare bird in Guadalcanal Islands, took a photo of it and killed it thereafter.

The decision of Filardi to end the life of the bird has placed a significant division between different scientific groups, specifically when it comes to discussing the morality aspects of killing animals for studies. Some ecologists have disapproved the so-called "unnecessary slaying" to meet conservation objectives.

In an opinion piece written by Marc Bekoff, professor emeritus of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Colorado, he questioned when getting the lives of other animals will stop. According to him, significant consideration should be given to this issue as excessive studies and conservation biology is too bloody, which is not it should be.

Bekoff added that linking killings to conservation, education or whatever purpose basically has to be halted. "It is wrong and sets a horrific precedent for future research and for children," he wrote.

Filardi argues that the dead bird could pave the way for massive scientific understanding and could help safeguard the species in the future.

In a statement, Filardi said that his act of euthanizing and utilizing the bird as a scientific specimen was neither a straightforward choice nor an impulsive action.

Filardi added that the actual bird in question is a "symbol of hope" and a "purveyor of possibility." The act was done under a vision he shared with his mentors at the Solomon Islands, with a keen focus on the sacred Uluna-Sutahuri lands.

In the end, Filardi said that the future of specimen collection cannot be known at present. Nonetheless, people could count on the helpfulness of the species. He even said that the death of the Mustached Kingfisher has already exhibited its instant benefit, which is the formulation of ways on how to safeguards its environment.

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