In 2015, the Samsung Galaxy S6 line showed the handset producer's capacity to implement curved screens.

Of them, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge sports a 5.1-inch display, while the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ has a 5.7-inch screen. A year earlier, a phone belonging to the Galaxy Note series featured a curved screen and it was the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Information from a Samsung development center in Vietnam hints at what the companies' fans can expect for 2016.

The report tells that there is only one "edge" smartphone scheduled for release by Samsung in 2016, and chances are that it will be a Samsung Galaxy S7 model. The change was prefaced this year when the South Korean producer applied its curved screens to the Galaxy S6 line. What is more, rumors state that two variants of the Galaxy S7 are in the testing phase. The most notable difference between the two handsets is the screen size - one carries a 5.2-inch screen, smaller than the other that features a 5.8-inch display. The latter is the most likely receiver of the curved display.

Samsung officials pointed out that the manufacturing company aims to significantly increase its monthly output of flexible displays, awaiting S7's release.

Galaxy Note 5 is coming out soon, and that should give more information about the future of the curved screen phone. We might just see the first 4K or Ultra HD (2,160 x 3,840) handset and if that device is created, the Galaxy S7 has a great chance to inherit its visual properties.

According to South Korean publication ETNews, Samsung Electronics has already ordered 8 million flexible panels per month in preparation for the next curved screen smartphone. Even if the production process for such a handset is more expensive and the product situates itself in the premium area, Samsung seems to think this is the best marketing move.

Among unconfirmed information and rumored release news, users ask themselves a simple question: how will the company name the expected 5.8-inch, curved glass smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge+, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and Samsung Galaxy S7+ are all viable options.

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