Greg Capullo has been the artist on Batman since its New 52 relaunch way back in 2011, working hand-in-hand with writer Scott Snyder on what's sure to be a legendary run on the title.

But around May of next year, Capullo is taking a break. Don't worry, he's not tired or burnt out. He's just taking a little breather to work on a short project with comics writer superstar Mark Millar. After Batman #51 – which should arrive in April 2016, if the title stays on schedule – Capullo will take his leave.

The news was revealed Saturday morning at New York Comic Con, where Scott Snyder was the subject of a spotlight panel. But Snyder was frustratingly little to share in the way of details at the event.

For example, what's this mystery project Capullo is doing with Millar? It goes without saying that it'll be a creator-owned project, since that's all Millar does anymore. And it'll likely be published by Image Comics, Millar's current home.

And who will replace Capullo during his Batman absence? How many issues will he be gone? A "very short break" is awfully vague. Are we talking about two issues? Four? Who knows.

For his part, Batman writer Snyder says he's not going anywhere anytime soon.

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