A great white shark was caught on video devouring a seal near Alcatraz Island in San Francisco. Tourists present at the time were given a clear view of the savage attack, which is said to be the first from a violent finned predator in San Francisco Bay.

The footage was taken by a tourist named Meredith Coppolo Shindler on Saturday, Oct. 10. The video showed how the shark swam near the surface of the water to feed on what seemed like the flesh of a seal.

David McGuire, director of shark conservation organization Shark Stewards, said that the phone camera footage sent to the group definitely showcased a white shark approximately eight to 10 feet long.

Island visitors were apparently excited. The tourists in the background were heard shouting upon seeing the bloody attack. One boy recognized the predator as a great white shark and was heard exclaiming, "That's the awesomest thing I've ever seen in my life!"

The attack provides evidence that one of the most feared predators in the ocean sometimes brings prey into bay waters, where the public, such as water sports enthusiasts, have access. Others also said that it is also an indication of sharks moving to the north due to the vigorous El Nino.

Marine biologists commented that the attack is a sign of the carnivores moving within the "Red Triangle," an area nearly between Bodega Head, the Farallon Islands and Monterey Bay.

Several sightings of great white sharks have been noted in the area. Within a period of two years, five white sharks have entered the Bay, with one shark coming into the location four times.

"For me it is pretty exciting and a sign that the health is returning to the San Francisco Bay ecosystem," stated McGuire.

People swim in the Bay waters, particularly at the Dolphin Club daily, yet there have been no shark encounters. This has led them to dub this month as "Sharktober."

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