Twitter has suspended the accounts of two well-known sports websites—Gawker Media-owned Deadspin and Vox Media-owned SB Nation—after allegedly sharing video highlights from the National Football League over the platform.

The suspension was carried out on Monday evening, Oct. 12, after NFL's copyright complaints.

However, NFL reiterated in a statement it did not request any account on the social media network to be taken down.

“The NFL sent routine notices as part of its copyright enforcement program requesting that Twitter disable links to more than a dozen pirated NFL game videos and highlights that violate the NFL’s copyrights,” said NFL in a statement. “We did not request that any Twitter account be suspended.”

While @Deadspin was reinstated quickly, @SBNationGIF, a specialized account sharing sports-related GIFs, remains suspended. Before the Deadspin account was restored at around 8 p.m. ET, it was taken down for about one hour.

Upon reactivation, the Deadspin account posted a story which made fun of Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner. It titled the story "The Many Horrible, Stupid Faces Of Roger Goodell: A Gallery Of Authoritarian Derp."

When users visit the @SBNationGIF account, however, they will be greeted with a notice, saying the account was suspended.

In the meantime, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) likewise reportedly filed a notice of complaint about Deadspin.

The NFL is posting video highlights from games over the social media network. In return, Twitter is giving the NFL a cut of the ad revenue generated by the posted videos. In fact, in August, these companies announced their plans to expand this program.

What is intriguing, though, is when the Deadspin and SB Nation accounts were suspended, the Twitter's Moments was featuring an NFL Vine on its main page.

As expected, netizens posted their reactions over Twitter on the issue.

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