Ready To See Battles Between Mech-Infused Dinosaurs? Mattel Developing Dino-Riders Movie


The 80s has been making a comeback not only in the fashion industry but in the film industry as well. Of course, everyone already knows that because Transformers and G.I. Joe have made it to the big screen but there's another 80s toy cartoon series that is being considered for the big screen: Dino-Riders.

The 14-episode animated series was co-created by Carla Conway and Gerry Conway, the same Gerry Conway from the Punisher comics, and was the marketing brain-child of Tyco Toys, now under Mattel ownership,

in order to promote its line of toys and fuses futuristic mechanical weaponry and prehistoric dinosaurs. Mattel has been turning the old animations into live-action action-packed films with some of Hollywood's hottest celebrities in its cast. Now the company sought out and combined forces with Solipsist Film to take the world in another wild ride with Dino-Riders with Dracula Untold producer Alyssa Phillips and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For producer Stephen L'Hereux in tow.

For those who are not familiar with the Dino-Riders series, it is about two warring races where their war takes them to Earth, much like Transformers. The opposing forces are the Valorians who are superhumans with psychic powers and the Rulons, a hybrid race bent on using any means to defeat the Valorians.

But how does Earth come to play? Well, the opposing forces are both sent back in time to prehistoric Earth where they meet dinosaurs and, as any superhuman with Telepathic abilities would do, the Valorians decide to communicate with the ferocious creatures to fight with them while the Rulons chose to use their advanced technology to make dinosaurs fight by equipping them with weaponry.

There is still the question of which studio will take up Mattel on the project since many of the studios already have their own projects with films lined up for release in the next five years.

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