Fallout 4, an action role-playing game, is one of this year's most highly anticipated games. With only a month to go before the release, people are eager to play on their devices, whether console or PC, but will people be excited to play it on PlayStation Vita?

Yes, you read that right: Fallout 4 on PS Vita and all the glory that its 5-inch 544p display brings. This is official and has been confirmed by Bethesda Game Studios on its Twitter page.

This is made possible thanks to PlayStation's Remote Play feature, which allows content from PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 to be streamed and played through PS Vita, PSP, PlayStation TV and some Sony Xperia smartphones. Remote Play also encompasses PlayStation Now, which means that content can also be streamed from the Sony PlayStation Servers — for a monthly fee, of course.

Not a lot of people anticipated this development to come right away, but it was nonetheless expected since Sony requires games released for the PS4 to support the function. The difference is that Bethesda Game Studios, especially its designer, Josh Hamrick, put a lot of effort into streamlining Fallout 4's control scheme for PS Vita.

Hamrick previously worked for Bungie, where he also simplified the control scheme for Destiny for PS Vita. He left Bungie to work for Bethesda in March.

However, gamers happily anticipating Fallout 4's release are quite divided on how to take in this information. Some are glad that the controls were optimized so they can play better when they're far from the comfort of their living room or family room or if their kids are hugging the main devices.

Others, however, feel that it is unnecessary, and time and resources spent on optimizing the controls for PS Vita could have been spent on adding more things that would make Fallout 4 better. Whether gamers are happy about it or not, it's done — and Fallout 4 will roll out with it on Nov. 10.

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