If you played more than a few matches of Walker Assault in the Star Wars Battlefront beta, you probably noticed a trend: the Rebels almost always lose.

The relentless assault of the Empire seemed nearly impossible to push back. No matter how much of a lead your team might have, it always seemed like it wasn't enough. Rebel players must first capture uplinks to gain more Y-Wing bombers. The more Y-Wing bombers, the longer the AT-AT Walkers will be vulnerable, meaning the Rebels can pile on more damage. The only problem is that it's often difficult to do sufficient damage to the Walkers in the given time period. One Walker may be brought down but the other always seals the deal for the Empire, leaving the Rebels with yet another loss.

On the other hand, the Empire has it easy. All they have to do is shoot every piece of Rebel scum that runs across their crosshairs, while shutting down the uplinks whenever a Rebel does manage to activate it.

The fact that Rebels almost always lose isn't because the players on the Rebel side aren't good at the game. Developers of DICE have noticed that the Empire's insane win-ratio is a problem and will be looking to make changes in the full version of Star Wars Battlefront.

When one player asked a DICE developer on Twitter if he was bad at the game because he never won on the Rebels side of Walker Assault, community manager Sledgehammer70 responded by saying "Nope! It's a balancing issue within the beta."

Lead multiplayer designer Dennis Brännvall also chimed in, saying "yeah it's too tough. We'll make changes based on the feedback and data."

That should put the minds of many a Battlefront beta player (of which there were more than 9 million) at ease. The Empire winning time and time again may be movie accurate, but losing every time you don a Rebel uniform isn't exactly fun. While it's expected that the Rebels will have a harder time securing victory than the Empire, the beta proved that the balance in the beta was skewed way too far in favor of the Empire.

That is, however, what betas are for. DICE will use the data they obtained during the beta to make a better and more balanced product come release day. In that regard, all those Rebel lives didn't go to waste. Star Wars Battlefront releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on Nov. 17.

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