On the surface, Pokemon and The Sims don't seem to have much in common other than the fact that they're both beloved video game franchises. However, put these two games together, and you've got yourself a surprisingly winning combination.

That's exactly what YouTuber Hat-Loving Gamer did with a recently-uploaded video that imagines what Pokemon played in the style of The Sims would look like, and it's a pretty spot-on homage.

All of the iconic elements of The Sims are featured in this video, but with the look of the original Pokemon Gameboy games. You've got your Create A Sim screen where you can make a new household featuring Red and Pikachu, a house that looks just like the abodes you see in Pokemon and interactions between two Sims that play out more like pokebattles.

The more exhilarating Sims activities of putting out fires, throwing house parties and woohooing also make it into the Pokemon universe. However, after seeing them play out in this video, you'll probably realize that some things should just stay in The Sims.

Check out what Pokemon would look like as The Sims in the video below.

Via: Destructoid

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