The List Of Prime Suspects Who Could Be The Red Devil In 'Scream Queens'


If you have been watching Ryan Murphy's new slasher parody series Scream Queens then, just like us, you're still wondering who the hell is behind that Red Devil mask? Almost every single character in the show has raised a red flag for us, leaving the possibilities open that it could be just about anyone as we get ready for the sixth episode of the series.

Scream Queens is about a serial killer on the campus of fictional Wallace University who is targeting the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority lead by the self-obssessed mean girl Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts). In fact, the whole satirical horror series is pretty much Mean Girls meets Sorority Row.

Dressed in the school mascot costume, the Red Devil (and a second Red Devil) is going around killing members of the sorority and others who are tied to a 20-year old murder mystery where a sister died in a bathtub after delivering a baby. It's pretty clear that the Red Devil is seeking revenge for what happened in the '90s at Kappa, but we are still left wondering who is it and, who is the baby, and can they be one and the same?

We looked at all the clues so far to come up with our own theories about who has the most probable cause to be the Red Devil. Here is our ranking of the characters who appear not to be a person of interest and our prime suspects. Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Off The Radar

Grace Gardner

Played By: Skyler Samuels

  •  Profile: Grace is the main character who is a freshman wanting to follow in her deceased mother's footsteps of pledging at KKT. Her mother died when Grace was 2 (supposedly), but all records of her mother and even her own birth certificate were burned in a fire.
  •  Motives and behavior: Grace is the classic slasher movie survivor. She is actively trying to uncover the secrets of the Kappa murder mystery, is independent and determined to get answers. While it's possible that in a huge twist Grace turns out to be killer, this is the most unlikely possibility. The Red Devil has had many chances to make her a victim but hasn't, making us believe she is the bathtub baby and not a target on the killer's hit list.

Zayday Williams

Played By: Keke Palmer

  •  Profile: Zayday is Grace's dorm roommate who is convinced to pledge in hopes of becoming the first black president of KKT in her quest to become the future president of the United States, making her the main rival of Chanel.
  •  Motives and behavior: In episode three, we learn her grandmother sent her a chainsaw that she keeps under her bed, but says it's for protection. Denise Hemphill from campus security believes she is the killer, but she is kidnapped during the haunted house party at Shady Lane, the very party she organized. We learn that the Red Devil has a crush on her, making her clear of our suspicions. She is very sassy and has no problem telling Chanel how it is. She is also resourceful since she is able to escape her kidnapper.

Alibis That Check Out

Chad Radwell

Played By: Glen Powell

  • Profile: Egotistic golf player and president of the campus fraternity. Started the season off as Chanel Oberlin's boyfriend, but they break up when her sorority becomes filled with "weirdos." Known as a serial cheater, who has hooked up with Dean Munsch, Chanel #2, Chanel #5, Denise Hemphill, and now has his eyes set on Hester Ulrich.
  • Motives and behavior: Chad has a strange sexual attention to the dead. He tells his girlfriend he wanted to have sex with her corpse, and gets turned on by gravestones. He was a leading suspect early on, but in "Chainsaw," he is on the streets with the golf guys (Backstreet Boys style) when two Red Devils attack. He truly seemed terrified when Hester and he uncover the dead bodies at the house at Shady Lane.

Chanel Oberlin

Played By: Emma Roberts

Profile: President of Kappa Kappa Tau and leader to her minions called "The Chanels." Rude, offensive and self-absorbed, Chanel is the typical spoiled brat.

  •  Motives and behavior: Dean Munsch suspects Chanel was behind the death by spray tan (Final Destination style) of the former president of KKT, although it was really the Red Devil. While Chanel has psychopathic tendencies (like making her minions smack themselves and sending fans fake body parts for Chanel-o-ween); however, the killer is targeting her sorority, so it's unlikely she would sabotage her own kingdom. She did kill housekeeper Ms. Bean in a prank gone wrong, but that was more an accident, although she has no problems with hiding the bodies of her fallen sisters. Who knows, maybe she's the bathroom baby?

Chanel #5

Played By: Abigail Bresling

  • Profile: One of Chanel Oberlin's loyal minions, who wanted to be Chanel's favorite, but came off as a brown-nose. She later decides she's had enough and becomes Chanel's frenemy. She was dating twins Roger and Dodger at the same time before the latter became a victim in the "Pumpkin Patch" episode.
  •  Motives and behavior: Chanel #5 raises suspicion when she went back to look at Chanel #2's frozen dead body, and even more so when she began to get sick of everyone (and having to have a diet that consists of cotton balls) and begins to show fits of rage. However, in "Pumpkin Patch" she was clearly a potential target, and seemed legitimately scared for her life. We bet that Chanel #5 meets her end tonight.

Hester Ulrich

Played By: Lea Michelle

  •  Profile: Introduced as one of new pledges who wore a neck and back brace for her scoliosis. Receives a makeover from Chanel and is now Chanel #5. She has an obsession with death, which started when she was 6 years old and her father made her say goodbye to her deceased mother. Hester is now after all Chanel has, including her ex-boyfriend Chad.
  •  Motives and behavior:

It's very possible that Hester can turn out to be the Red Devil. Like Chad, she has a love for dead bodies, which makes them a match made in hell? She admits to having dark feelings, and even gave the Chanels very detailed advice on ways to dispose of Chanel #2's body. She also revealed that if they leave her eyes open, "she'll take one of them with her," revealing she has an interest in the supernatural. She also started calling Chanel "mom," which apparently is a legit slang nowadays, but still very creepy. But since she has such a passion for death, it would be too easy if Hester is the Red Devil—she's more like a crazy version of a cat lady. In "Haunted House," her terror appears to be real when she realizes Ms. Bean's body was the real Ms. Bean. Hester's on our radar, but for now her alibi checks out.

Prime Suspects

Gigi Caldwell

Played By: Nasim Pedrad

  • Profile:  President of the national chapter of Kappa Kappa Tau and a lawyer. Permanently stuck in the '90s because of traumatic events. Very friendly and positive, but a little bit crazy. Gigi begins to date Grace's father Wes Gardner.
  •  Motives and behavior: Don't let her sweet act fool you. Gigi leads our lists of prime suspects after we find in episode 5, "Pumpkin Patch," that she definitely has some involvement in the murders after she meets the Red Devil and scolds him/her for things going too far. "He's putting everything we worked for in jeopardy," she said, so at least we know one of the killers is a male.
  •   She may have also allowed the killer to escape during the Zayday rescue mission. While she might not be physically killing people, she surely plays a role in the crimes, which makes her guilty. Besides being an accessory to murder, she has an interesting history, which includes the fact that she is the hag in the house on Shady Lane with her extra creepy doll collection. It appears that she took care of the bathtub baby, which may be the reason why she is helping the Red Devil get revenge.

    Boone Clemens

    Played By: Joe Jonas

      Profile: Member of the Dickie Dollar Scholars, golf player, and best friend of Chad Radwell.
    •  Motives and Behavior: We initially thought Boone and Chad teamed up to act as the Red Devil in unison, but since Chad has been cleared of our suspicions right now, that doesn't mean the Jonas brother is off the hook. Where the hell has Boone been? Boone "died" the night Chanel caught him in bed with his roommate Chad by the hands of the Red Devil after an intense workout. The police ruled his death a suicide, but we learn that Boone staged his death, smiling up at the Red Devil who comes for him at the morgue. Faking his death means he can kill without being named a suspect, making us believe he's one of the faces behind the mask. He hasn't been seen since, but we know you're in on it, Boone.

    Wes Gardner

    Played By: Oliver Hudson

    •  Profile: Father of Grace, who takes on a job as a film professor at Wallace University to stay close to his daughter. Has an interest in making playlists and slasher movies, and just began dating Gigi Caldwell.
    •  Motives and behavior: There is a really good chance Grace is the bathtub baby, and Wes is on a quest to avenge his deceased wife's death. He tells Grace it's not a good idea to pledge, and in this same conversation, we learn about his love for making mixtapes. Later Grace finds a mixtape in the bathtub down in the basement. He showed his class the 1974 film Texas Chainsaw Massacre, saying it is the best film ever made, smiling as he watched while his students were on the verge of tears from fear.

    "Aren't we all running from the chainsaws of our past," he asks the class. It's unlikely that he knows Gigi is in on it, which makes us even wonder if Wes is behind the mask, but he's a suspect still in our eyes.

    Chanel #3

    Played By: Billie Lourd

    •  Profile: Chanel Oberlin's right-hand woman and a sister of KKT. Previously hooked up with Chad Radwell, but will do anything for Chanel.
    •  Motives and behavior: We don't know much about Chanel #3 besides the fact that she is loyal to Chanel, and finds everything she says to be funny. However, she did want to call the police after Chanel #2 died, which is a good sign. Then again, she did ask one of the new pledges to be her alibi buddy for when the next murder occurs. She also revealed that her biological father is Charles Manson, and she was with the sisters as they looked on with satisfaction as Chanel was arrested for the death of Ms. Bean. We'll keep a careful watch on her.

    Pete Martinez

    Played By: Diego Bonesta

    •  Profile: Barista at the campus coffee chop and editor and investigative reporter for the college newspaper. He has a past history of "stalking" Chanel (her words), but has taken interest in helping Grace solve the murders.
    •  Motives and behavior: Grace began to suspect Pete may be the Red Devil after finding the mascot costume in his dorm room. His sinister grin raised a red flag, but since then he seemed to only want to find out the truth. However, he was the only other person with Grace when they went to visit former sorority sister Mandy, who was later murdered in her mobile home. Although the real Red Devil could've been following, it's safe to say Pete hates the sorority as much as the murderer.

    Dean Cathy Munsch

    Played By: Jamie Lee Curtis

    •  Profile: Promoted to the position of dean over the summer after her colleague passed away. She has a tough attitude, and hates the way the sorority has turned out. Blames Chanel for the death of the former president of KKT, although she covered up the bathtub incident. Her husband left her for a 19-year-old, and has since hooked up with Chad Radwell, and is now interested in Wes Gardner.
    •  Motives and behavior: The fact that she was willing to cover up the death of the bathtub baby's mother is enough to make us wonder what else she is covering up. Mandy also revealed in a flashback that Dean Munsch made the sisters bury her body. In "Chainsaw" she purposefully didn't want to share the room with Gigi, she so played slasher music that led to the Red Devil coming after Gigi. It's unlikely Dean Munsch was behind the mask that time, but we suspect she is or knows who our killer is. Plus, why create a show that is a spoof on slasher movies without it revolving around THE one and only Jamie Lee Curtis?

    In Tuesday's episode titled "Seven Minutes in Hell" E! News reported that three characters will meet their fates at the hand of the Red Devil, two being female characters. In the latest sneak peak, we can see Chanel #5 screaming her head off. Could she be one of the next victims? Find out when Scream Queens airs Oct. 20 at 9 p.m. EDT on FOX.

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