Ever wonder what a Batman/Superman rivalry would look like set in the madcap Golden Age of comic books? New York Magazine's Vulture.com decided to make that premise a reality by creating a Batman v Superman trailer set in 1949, old school serial-style.

An obvious nod to Zack Snyder's upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the trailer is a part of Vulture's Remix series, which takes footage from TV shows and movies already in existence (such as Howard the Duck, The Fantastic Four, Starsky and Hutch and True Detective), and mashes it up to create entirely new concepts (for instance, Spider-Gwen).

In Batman v Superman Circa 1949, video artists Diane Bullock and Mike Schuster used clips from the first-ever Superman serial starring Kirk Alyn, as well as the 1943 15-part series Batman, with Lewis Wilson taking on the titular role. Both were chosen for their representation of older iterations of the heroes we know and love today, from "a simpler time, when superheroes looked terrible and were more charming than scary," as the video description states.

The actual proposed storyline features a Superman that has become a little unhinged (and very prone to throwing chairs). The Man of Steel who was "once a savior, now a scourge" must be stopped — and who better to do so than the teched-out Dark Knight?

Vulture also made sure to throw a bone to Paul Cornish, who took the same concept as Vulture a few months prior to their remix. Cornish's take on the idea involves much darker thematics, and how power can "turn good men cruel."

Check out the Vulture Remix trailer and Paul Cornish's version in the videos below.



Via: Vulture

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