If you have a pulse on what's trending in the world of fitness, then you already know that indoor cycling classes continue to be a craze. That means you also know how important it is to find a spin instructor that has what it takes to keep you motivated as you continuously pedal, climb hills and do some jumps.

However, what if your instructor is no longer teaching at your gym? Worse yet, what about if the spinning classes nearby are more than your gym membership, or your schedule just doesn't allow you to fit one in (and we all know the importance of getting to class in time to get a bike)?

These are the exact scenarios Doug Lotz experienced, which led him to take matters into his own hands and create a new app called CycleCast, which will bring the convenience and flexibility of attending a spinning class right from your smartphone.

"I found that indoor cycling, as popular as it is right now, was really underrepresented in that App Store," the CycleCast founder told Tech Times. "You have all these other popular fitness activities that have been brought to mobile successfully, but indoor cycling hasn't really been translated into a phone experience in a really convincing way."

CycleCast allows users to virtually attend a session that is taught by certified spin instructions from around the country, choosing the time that works for you, as well as the location — whether that means your stationary bike at home or the ones at your gym.

"Our goal is to make indoor cycling classes as accessible as possible, so the app is designed to be really convenient and portable," Lotz said. "It mimics a brick-and-motor cycle, where everything is taken care [of] for you."

Users start by choosing their instructor, then selecting their ride time, which consists of 20-, 45- or 60-minutes classes. The instructor already pre-recorded the workout and curated the playlist, so all that's left to do is press play and start pedaling.

Don't worry if you never took a spinning class before. CycleCast provides users with a "Ride Guide" that features tips on how to set up the bike and the different moves that you are expected to do throughout the class.

More experienced people won't have to worry about not being challenged enough when using this app.

"Indoor cycling is something where you really take out of it what you put into it," Lutz said. "It's all about listening to the instructors and pushing yourself as hard as you can, while also listening to your body to make it [the class] adjustable for your experience and fitness level."

The app features 36 exclusive indoor cycling workouts that are audio-guided by instructors that include Kevin Mondrick of BFX Studio, Jess Walsh of New York Sports Club/Crank and Spinning Master Instructor Isabel Schaefer.

Every instructor will have rides that are updated frequently to keep things fresh, and new content will be added weekly. Don't know which instructor will best suit your needs? Users can expect to hear a Top 40 and Pop playlist (and British accent) from Walsh. Those looking for more EDM tracks to get them going should look into Mondrick or Schaefer, who Lotz describes as having a "soothing" aspect in her voice, but also the "personal drive" to help you meet your goals.

"After you're done, there are some other technology features that we've woven in that are unique to a cycling class in a digital space," Lotz said.

These features include Apple Health and MyFitnessPal integration so that users can also track their workouts, calories and heart rate, along with social connections and feedback between the user and the instructor.

CycleCast is now available to download for free for iOS, with plans to launch on Android in the future. The app features a 30-day free trial, and then, after the trial ends, it costs $9.99 per month or $89.99 per year.

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