According to Sir James Dyson, founder of the famous Dyson vacuum brand, Bosch is the Volkswagen of the vacuum world.

Dyson says that Bosch has been cheating on energy tests and misleading customers regarding the energy ratings for its vacuum cleaners.

"Bosch has installed control electronics into some of its machines to wrongfully increase energy consumption when in use — to cheat the EU energy label," said Sir James Dyson. "Their behavior is akin to that seen in the Volkswagen scandal."

Dyson says that the AAAA energy rating achieved by Bosch was done in a clean lab while using a clean bag, however, sensors in the vacuum tell the motor to increase energy use to 1,600 W from 750 W when the vaccum bag is full of debris. This result is a reduction in the vacuum's energy rating to an E, perhaps even to an F.

Bosch, however, has firmly denied the allegations, saying that it doesn't understand why they have been made and that it "strenuously rejects" them. It was quick to add that it was committed to complete disclosure when it comes to energy ratings.

Dyson has even gone as far as to take legal action against Bosch, issuing proceedings in the Netherlands, Belgium and Bosch's home country of Germany. If the proceedings end up being successful, Bosch may need to recall a number of vacuum models.

Dyson ended by saying that the energy ratings implemented by the EU are fundamentally flawed and that they should require vacuums to be tested under "real-world conditions." A ruling on these suggested changes is expected to take place later this year.

Dyson vacuums all operate at under 1,400 W, however, the best-selling models of the company operate at around half of that. A spokesperson for Dyson has said that customers regularly take energy ratings into consideration when looking for a new appliance. 

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