Popular to-do app Wunderlist just received a hefty update for its Android app, integrating Marshmallow goodies and Google Now on Tap for a significantly improved experience.

The latest update brings a complete redesign to the Wunderlist for Android app, as well as a slew of new tweaks and features that take the app to the next level.

First of all, the most glaring change was made to its design - the first thing you'll notice. The app is now more streamlined with more lists fitting on the screen due to a newly-reduced avatar size. It also has an enhanced detail view that now shows notes, subtasks, files, due dates and comments, while still keeping things easy on the eye. Despite all of these view elements, the app doesn't appear cluttered or too heavily loaded. It also makes it easier to add, review or edit details.

Users can now add to-do items straight from the Notification bar thanks to the new Quick Add Notification setting, which should significantly simplify things and save time. At the same time, users can add a new to-do item by tapping the large blue button on the Home View.

The option to create a new List, meanwhile, is now relocated to the bottom of the Home View, so users will have to scroll down to see it.

Alongside the new integration with Google's latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS, Wunderlist will no longer ping users for permission unless it's something critical. For instance, if you don't share your lists with your contacts, Wunderlist will not ask you for permission to access your contacts.

Moreover, Wunderlist users who are already running Marshmallow on their Android devices will be able to benefit from the neat Google Now on Tap functionality in their lists.

"With the Android Marshmallow 6.0 update Google Now is venturing into your lists. Google Now on Tap will scan your lists and bring up any relevant information that you might be interested in," Wunderlist explains in a new blog post announcing the Android app update. "Give it a go now. Head to your Movies to Watch list, then long press on your home button and see what pops up."

Wunderlist for Android has more neat features and functionality to offer, dramatically improving its performance and increasing its popularity.

Learn more about Wunderlist in general from the official website, or download the new Wunderlist for Android from Google Play.

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