You want this fox in your corner when it comes to battling annoying online ads.

Building on its private browsing mode, which purposely doesn't keep record of the websites you've visited, Mozilla's upcoming Firefox 42 browser will add a tracking protection option to block advertisers from following your web activity and learning more about you, as reported by CNET. The new browser is scheduled to arrive Nov. 3.

The bolstered browser should spell smart ads not being able to follow users around from website to website as they annoyingly do in attempt to learn more about their audience. It may also mean some online ads being blocked entirely.

"When a user goes into private browsing mode, it's an unambiguous signal for us to put the shields up," Mark Mayo, Mozilla's senior vice president of Firefox, told CNET this week.

The news of Firefox 42's tracking protection comes a week after Scott Cunningham, IAB senior vice president of technology, said such ad technology "steamrolled the users, depleted their devices, and tried their patience" in a blog post. He added that ads shouldn't be as invasive, an opinion most Internet users around the world wholeheartedly share.

Mayo told CNET that Firefox has been testing its tracking protection feature in the Firefox 42 beta system since last month. He added that if the feedback continues to be strong that tracking protection could be added to the regular Firefox browsing mode as well.

Just off this addition, Firefox is bound to gain more fans and users.

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