Mozilla is not done rolling out updates for its browser yet. Following the Firefox 41 update, the Firefox 42 Beta comes with even more useful features focused on user protection.

The update includes Tracking Protection, an experimental feature that protects users from third-party tracking in Private Browsing mode, as well as a Control Center for Private Browsing, where users can control site security and privacy settings all in one place. When websites don't seem to work properly, Firefox users can toggle off tracking protection easily in the control center.

Mozilla explains the security problem it sees in Web browsing on its blog. "Most websites rely on many different 'third-parties' - companies that are separate from the site you're visiting - to provide analytics, social network buttons and display advertising," the post reads. The company says that third-parties could store users' information and browsing activity, which could lead to impersonation or other similar crimes. The Tracking Protection in Private Browsing mode protects users from such attacks by blocking certain page elements.

Another interesting feature is that the browser now indicates which tab is playing audio, including a convenient mute button. Users will no longer look - or sometimes, even panic - in frustration to see where the sound is coming from. Mozilla also improved the WebRTC, log-in manager, HTML5 and other developer features of its browser.

The security-focused update is based on Mozilla's hypothesis that "users have a greater expectation of privacy when using Private Browsing." The company further says that Firefox's private mode is different from other mainstream browsers' security measures.

The Firefox 42 Beta is already available, and users are encouraged to help test the app on Windows, Mac or Linux or on Android. Also, Mozilla hopes that the testers would post and share their experience and impressions about the beta app on its feedback page.

Photo: Justin Dolske | Flickr 

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