If you were a teenager in the era before DVDs, you might have celebrated Halloween in the grandstanding tradition of American high schoolers, with a bowl of Halloween candy, a couch filled with friends (or even a date) and a VHS of a classic, scream-inducing horror flick primed to go into the family VCR in celebration of the spookiest night of the year.

If you're nostalgic for those long ago days (or fuzzy tracking lines), then Shout Factory's Halloween promo might be right up your alley. Its latest subsite lets viewers watch old school titles from slasher flicks to zombie films as if you were watching a granulated tape — except this time, it's on your computer.

The VHS Vault is an ode to '80s and '90s reverie, from the Reagan-era, scare-inciting titles it proffers (Day of the Dead, Adjust Your Tracking, Night of the Demons and more) to the site itself, designed as if it's straight from 1998, complete with a traffic counter, low pixel GIFs and the quintessential Dancing Baby.

The most frightening thing of all? No HD allowed. 

Check out the promo for Shout Factory's VHS Vault in the clip below.


Via: Paste Magazine

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