Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Review Roundup: Is It Time To Replace Your Old One?


Microsoft revealed the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller back in June at E3, and since then, gamers have been figuring out whether it is time to replace their old controller.

The Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller makes a compelling case for gamers to do so. The controller is incredibly customizable with swappable components and interchangeable paddles, and comes with a configuration app for additional adjustments and controller setting profiles.

The controller, however, comes with a steep price of $150. Should gamers stick to the regular Xbox One controllers, or is the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller worth buying?

Timothy J. Seppala of Engadget: I've been using the Elite controller for almost a week and I haven't wanted to put it down; this is the Xbox One gamepad we should've had from the outset ... Even after a four-hour Halo 5 session, the controller didn't feel like it'd slip out of my moist palms ... Again, is all of this worth $150? That answer depends on how much and what you play on Xbox One — regardless of your pro-gaming aspirations ... If you've been waiting to buy an Xbox One, go for the upcoming Elite bundle that packs the controller and a console sporting a 1TB hybrid drive for $499 because for now the controller's price is too hard to justify on its own.

Will Greenwald of PCMag: This heavy-duty, customizable gamepad will run you $149.99, but it feels so good in the hand and it works so well with Xbox One and PC games that it earns our Editors' Choice ... The Elite Wireless Controller feels great ... The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is a very expensive gamepad, and the sticker price alone will be enough to turn off some gamers. However, it's a rock-solid controller that's adjustable to a neurotic extent, and its compatibility with both Xbox One and Windows systems gives you plenty of options for use.

Hayden Dingman of PCWorld: I do not think you should buy it, but I wouldn't blame you if you did. The Xbox One Elite controller is a gorgeous piece of hardware ... My biggest fear, with the Elite controller, is losing parts ... I'm still not sure the Elite controller is better than the 360 controller, but it's closer, and it opens all sort of customization doors for serious controller-wielding gamers. Of course, it's also one hundred and fifty freaking dollars.

Kyle Orland of ArsTechnica: At $150, the price of entry to try out Microsoft's view of the controller's future is a bit too steep for all but the most competitive of gamers ... The Xbox Elite controller's most useful feature by far is the addition of four buttons on the underside of the controller grip ... The other immediately noticeable addition to the Xbox Elite controller is two sets of replacement thumbsticks that come in the package ... In a way, it feels like Microsoft went a bit too far in the kitchen-sink design of its Xbox Elite pad. I'd gladly pay $80 to $90 for a mid-range version that provided the additional grip buttons (and maybe the hair-trigger shoulder buttons) built with less costly materials ... As it stands, though, $150 is a pretty high price for a bunch of features that will range from near-useless to nice-but-not-crucial for most players.

James Risley of GeekWire: The new Xbox Elite Controller is over-engineered, extra-complicated and, at $150, three times the price of a regular Xbox One controller. And after using it for the past week, I don't think I can game without it again ... Customization, the main selling point of the controller, could hardly be simpler ... As nice as this controller is, at $149.99 it's beyond what's necessary for most people ... I suggest you don't test it out unless you are willing to spend $150, as well, because going back to your normal controller is going to be hard.

Zac Bowden of WinBeta: When Microsoft first announced the Xbox One Elite Controller back at E3 earlier this year, I immediately decided I wanted one ... The Xbox One Elite Controller is by far, one of the most premium feeling controllers I have ever held ... It's better than the standard Xbox One controller for sure, but some of the additional features the controller supports may be a little too much for an average gamer ... But is it worth the $149.99 price tag? I'm not so sure. In the end, it depends who you are.

It seems reviews are mixed for the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller, with most of the hesitation in purchasing the device coming from its price.

Gamers who would be able to take advantage of the controller's many features are recommended to at least try it out. For the casual gamer, it might be better to wait for a price drop or stick with the regular Xbox One controller.

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