We recently brought Adele fans news of a 30-second teaser for her new song and album, which was played during an airing of the UK's "X Factor" talent competition.

The teaser did not mention the name of the song or album, or even Adele herself, although it was clear to most that it was, in fact, her voice.

Several days later, the official push began: Adele's latest single, titled "Hello," was released on both iTunes, where it is available for purchase, and Apple Music, where subscribers can stream the song.

Adele was originally a holdout on Apple Music, declining to have her music streamed on the new service, but she changed her mind after Taylor Swift's letter to Apple prompted a reversal in policy in which the company agreed to compensate artists for streams of content during the three-month trial period it offered subscribers.

iTunes is also offering Adele's entire new album, titled "25", for preorder. Buyers will receive the new single immediately, while the album's additional 10 tracks will be released on Nov. 20.

In addition to "Hello," the tracklist includes songs titled "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)," "I Miss You," "When We Were Young," "Remedy," "Water Under The Bridge," "River Lea," "Love In The Dark," "Million Years Ago," "All I Ask" and "Sweetest Devotion."

As Tech Times previously reported, Spotify subscribers may not have access to streams of the album, at least upon its initial release.

Adele also released an official video for "Hello," which depicts the singer in a gloomy black-and-white setting, singing once again about a failed relationship in a tune reminiscent of her previous international smashes, "Someone Like You" and "Set Fire To The Rain."

In an interview about the song, Adele claimed she was nervous about its release.

"I obviously want people to like it," she admitted about the "very intimate" and "very conversational" song. "I'm singing very high up in that chorus, trying to have a Meatloaf moment or something."

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