Google's future products will rely more on machine learning, as the company wants to take this form of artificial intelligence to the next level.

Most people who already use various Google products and services know that Google is already translating voice searches, organizing your email and offering other such neat functionality to make things easier and more convenient.

Machine learning plays an essential role in such functionality, and it will be even more important in Google's future services. As Google's parent company Alphabet posted its Q3 financial results, Google CEO Sundar Pichai joined the earnings call on Thursday, Oct. 22. In addition to talking about the latest quarterly numbers, Pichai also highlighted how machine learning is a key point of focus looking ahead.

"I also want to point out that our investments in machine learning and artificial intelligence are a priority for us," said Pichai.

The executive points out that the latest Google Now on Tap functionality in Android 6.0 Marshmallow, for instance, relies on machine learning to maximize its functionality.

Google is not the only one interested in such areas of technological progress, as Microsoft, Facebook and IBM also made notable investments recently toward similar endeavors. An increasing number of applications for business are also leveraging machine learning for smarter functionality, and things are only expected to advance from now on.

Pichai noted how the technology already made great progress at a rapid page over the last couple of years, allowing for superior language translation and voice search. This AI branch called machine learning involves computer algorithms designed to "learn" and become more intuitive over time, figuring out how to be better based on the users' behavior, habits and needs.

"Machine learning is a core, transformative way by which we're rethinking everything we're doing," added Pichai. "We're thoughtfully applying it across all our products, be it search, ads, YouTube or Play."

Pichai further reckons that Google is still in its early days when it comes to machine learning AI, but it nonetheless has big plans for the technology and will likely expand it to more areas in the future.

In the meantime, you can check out Google's full webcast in the video below, or you can skip to 31:14 to listen to Sundar Pichai.

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