Apple investors have seen a steady rise in profits from the company that produces the world's favorite smartphone, the iPhone. 

The company has always been known to take massive strides in innovation, particularly under the reign of former CEO Steve Jobs, but even under current CEO Tim Cook, the outlook for Apple is pretty good. But will the company make its next round of profits through large innovations or through smaller ones? Many analysts say the latter. 

It's not that Apple has lost its touch or anything. The company will likely continue on its path toward domination and innovation. Many believe that's just baked into the company's culture at this point. However, in a market that continues to place pressure on competitive companies, small innovations are likely to keep the bucks rolling in, as some analysts predict

Some reports indicate that the price of Apple stock will reach the $100 level soon, in response to the anticipation behind two new product releases: the iPhone 6 and the iWatch. The company will not need a whole boatload of new features to succeed selling the phones to its base of users that are seeking a new upgrade or renewal of their contracts. Rumors persist online that the iPhone 6 will feature larger screen sizes, 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch, according to these claims. Apple is also rumored to have taken several steps to keep the information about its future products on lockdown, but leaks also persist in the information age. 

The iWatch is expected to be a better product than the Samsung Android Wear watches that have recently become available on the market. Many believe Apple will pull out all the stops for this one. Samsung is its major competitor in device manufacturing. That brings the story to the second part of the equation for the company's stock price: bigger phone screens.

The iPhone 6 rumor has it that larger displays on the device will be next thing for the product line, a new move for the company. Samsung and other manufacturers have had luck with this stragtegy, according to reports, particularly in the Asian markets.  

Other reports point to the company's success with apps. Apple has reportedly sold about double the amount of apps, compared with Google's Android market, which has a lot more registered users. 

The iPhone 5C and 5S models were also recently slashed at the retail level, which many believe is a sign of a near release of the iPhone 6. 

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