Hear ye, hear ye! For those who jumped onto the now discounted first-gen Chromecast with the introduction of its successor and for those who held on theirs despite the arrival of Google's second-gen caster, Spotify is available now.

Support for the streaming music service, which has amassed about 75 million users, has been deployed to the original Chromecast via a firmware update, by order of Google, child of Alphabet. 

The update is rolling out now, but it seems as if Google is gradually delivering it.

"Chromecast updates are rolled out gradually to users and your device will update automatically," says Google. "Once an update is available, it can take up to two weeks for it to reach your device. It's important that your Chromecast is plugged into wall power and connected to your wireless network during this time." 

There's no real way to hurry this update along. But for those eager to get the streaming music service's app on their Chromecast, Google offers some tips for making conditions favorable for anything heading down the pipeline. The short answer is: reboot the Chromecast!

Start by leaving the first-gen Chromecast plugged into a power source and connected to Wi-Fi for at least an hour. From there, reboot the dongle using a mobile device or computer.

For mobile, launch the Chromecast app and then select its device card. From there, tap the Menu button and then tap "Reboot Chromecast."

For desktops and laptops and the like, launch the Chromecast app and then click the Settings button next to the device card. From there, click "Reboot Chromecast."

That's it. If there isn't a prompt to install a software update, then the waiting game continues.

Last month, when Google unveiled its second-generation caster and audio casting sidekick, it also vowed that it hadn't forgotten about the people in possession of the original Chromecast. So now the company is making good on that promise to bring Spotify to the first-gen Chromecast.

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