Those of us who like to geek out will be pleased to see Elder Wood Boxes – a new Kickstarter project from Dan Reiss and Quentin Weir.

The crowdfunding campaign pitches high quality gaming cases which look like arcane tomes. The customizable features range from the materials used for the cases to the illustrations and writing on the covers.

Individualization of each box is made easy due to mixing six types of leather, more than a dozen cover art, six types of wood base and a wide variety of interior designs. Two main layout options stand out: a card-deck style for players of Magic: The Gathering or WoWTCG, and a rolling tray style that is suitable for Dungeons & Dragons parties. The manufacturer also provides various felt and reflective pool materials.

A simple and efficient way to keep tabs on game stats is to use the reflective pool as a dry-erase board.

Weir and Reiss had good results in a previous Kickstarter campaign. In 2014, they showcased the pentagonal Hex Chests for D&D dice which was tremendously well-received by the tabletop gaming communities on Imgur and Reddit.

$5,000 was their crowdfunding target for the dice boxes, but thanks to the surging number of backers they got over $148,000. They underlined that they are grateful for the public support and said that it inspired them to continue.

"It took a few iterations of product designs (not all of which were spell books) to arrive at something we loved enough to put out in front of our community again," the geeky and crafty duo said.

They went on to underline how much tabletop games, D&D in particular, rely on storytelling to create an immersive gameplay. Weir and Reiss pointed out that their target market sees spell books as integral to phantasy worlds and have a big contribution to the authenticity of the role-playing.

"We think a lot of our success comes from the fact that we allow people so many customization options on the products we sell, making it possible for you to make something unique to you," the Elder Wood Boxes producers said.

So far, the campaign for the Elder Wood Boxes draws a bit over $150,000 from more than 1,250 backers.

There are 13 days left for planeswalkers all around the Dominia to support the initiative, and one can be optimistic that by the end of it, the numbers will continue to grow.

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