With all of the global hatred for North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un that's happening right now, mocking him has become fashionable. (We wouldn't know anything about that. No siree.)

A new video game developer startup out of Atlanta is expressing its feelings for Kim Jong Un the only way it knows how: with a game. Moneyhorse is grabbing headlines from bemused talking heads with its 16-bit ode to the sidescrollers of yesteryear, thanks to a clever Kickstarter campaign.

Glorious Leader! is looking for a minimum of $55,000 to fund its ambitions of letting gamers play as North Korea's glorious dictator-in-chief, taking on the forces of imperialist America. Along the way, you'll be able to ride unicorns, straddle missiles, play basketball with Dennis Rodman, fire flamethrowers, hurl weapons of mass destruction and gun down soldiers by the bushel.

Yes, it's a satire. Yes, Moneyhorse is making fun of Kim Jong Un. Yes, they'll probably have their database hacked any day now.


(We hope.)

Described as an "old school run 'n' gun," Glorious Leader! is slated to have at least seven glorious levels of pixelated action. A PC release release (via Steam) is the only version planned at the moment, but its Kickstarter stretch goals will add PS4, Mac and Linux versions, as well as additional content like co-op, animated cinematics and more.

At press time, Glorious Leader! had only about 18% of its glorious goal met, but there's still almost a month to go. The minimum pledge amount is $10, but they go all the way up to $5,000.

Here's the glorious trailer.

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