Snapchat was first considered as a simple app for sending messages and pictures, but it now appears it has transformed into something more than that over the number of years it has been on the market.

According to the latest report, Snapchat makes users happier than any other social media such as Facebook. This report is quite interesting seeing as Facebook is a larger platform that is more versatile in what users can do.

The report comes from the University of Michigan. The researchers claim that when it comes down to face-to-face meet ups, doing this with users from Snapchat makes for a more rewarding interaction when compared to Facebook and other social media websites.

A total of 154 college students who all use smartphones took part in the study. They were assessed based on text messages sent during random times in a 24-hours time period for two long weeks.

The research claims the text messages would also include survey questions "How negative or positive do you feel right now?" and "How pleasant or unpleasant was your most recent interaction?" The researchers carefully analyzed the responses and came up with the idea that folks are much happier when using Snapchat rather than Facebook.

When it comes down to the feeling of support, Snapchat is less supportive when compared to personal meetings, Twitter, emails, text messaging and phone calls.

"On the surface, many people view Snapchat as the 'sexting app, but instead, we found that Snapchat is typically being used to communicate spontaneously with close friends in a new and often more enjoyable way," Joseph Bayer, the study's lead author says.

Snapchat interactions are perceived as having less social support compared to other social media. He also adds that these conclusions open up significant questions about the benefits and costs of different social media.

This new report adds wood to the ever increasing fire that computer users should venture further away from Facebook. Recent reports have linked the social media website to mental health problems, so from what we have seen, it would likely mean that using Snapchat more than Facebook could improve your mental health.

As always, more research must be done before coming to a sweeping conclusion.

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