Users who are hoping to have home security cameras installed but do not have the budget to purchase a top-of-the-line system can now turn to Perch, a new startup that was created from the Samsung Accelerator program.

While the usual home security camera system requires several gadgets in place to allow users to remotely monitor their houses, Perch is looking to eliminate the need for several pieces of hardware and instead utilize cameras that users most probably already own.

Instead of several pieces of hardware, Perch allows users to instead utilize USB-based webcams, smartphones, tablets and laptops as cameras for a home security camera system.

Perch has also released an app that provides several functionalities. Through the app, users can dictate which part of the screen that should be monitored, with an alert to be sent to the user when there is unusual movement in the area.

When such unusual movements occur, users can take action as they happen. Most smart home monitors that are out in the market can just record and show the user what is happening. Perch, meanwhile, allows users to stream back to the device that is being used to monitor the house and then have a certain action carried out.

For example, if the user would be alerted that the dog is chewing the couch, the user can initiate a video chat on the monitoring device that will allow them to tell the dog to stop.

The app Perch is movement-based, and so users can adjust it to work in tandem with several other Internet devices such as smart appliances and locks. The set-up is very easy to do, and so users can simply utilize old webcams and smartphones that they are no longer using and transform those into home monitoring systems.

"As the years go on and hardware capabilities become similar, software is going to be the key differentiator," said Perch CEO Andrew Cohen, as there is already plenty of untapped hardware in unused devices that will no longer require users to purchase new hardware for home security camera systems.

Perch is launching first with compatibility for devices on Android 4.1 and higher, Windows and Mac OS X, with the iOS app coming soon. The app should also work with Android-powered cameras such as the Samsung Galaxy cameras and the Nikon Coolpix S800c.

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