When your name is Steve Wozniak, you can't help but innovate, whether its co-founding the company that would forever alter humankind's relationship with technology, or building a better patio fan.

Wozfans is the creation of the other Steve Wozniak (Steven for reasons of clarity) - not the personal computer inventing/Dancing With the Stars/being played by Seth Rogen Steve Wozniak, the currently running for mayor of Evansville, Indiana on an independent ticket Steve Wozniak.

You know, the one who's running on a platform for his city to become the focal point for constructing buildings with hemp concrete. In spite of an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign (which has been subsequently rebooted), that Steve Wozniak is still moving forward with a push to get get his remote controlled Crosswind fan system to wherever patios are in dire need of cross breezes.

The system includes four fans that attach to a a patio umbrella pole, which run on a rechargeable battery. There's also a USB charging station, which can also charge up phones and the like.

Sure, it's not the next personal computer, but no one really expected a home-brewed wooden computer to set the world on fire, either.

Source: Wozfans

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