We already have Keurig machines for instant coffee made with a push of a button, SodaStream that makes cola and flavored seltzers, and now, there will soon be an option for beer drinkers who want to more conveniently home brew their booze.

A Seattle startup has created a counter-top device that is what they call a "3D printer for beer," which automatically makes craft brews without the hassle and complexity of the traditional homemade process.

PicoBrew previously tried to do this with the Zymatic, which allows consumers to brew two-and-a-half gallons of beer per batch, from more than 100 types and custom creations. However, the Zymatic is not really for the everyday beer consumer with its $2,000 price tag.

However, now, PicoBrew is introducing a slightly more affordable option that is almost half of the size of the Zymatic. This new counter-top-sized machine called Pico allows craft beer enthusiasts to home brew five-liter mini-kegs of high-quality booze.

To use the Pico, simply fill the mini-keg with water and insert the pod of pre-packaged ingredients (the grains and hops) called the PicoPak into the main unit and push the brew button. You can also further customize your brew by adjusting the bitterness and alcohol levels.

The machine then heats the contents, bringing them to a boil while adding hops at certain times. The contents are then cooled and fermented by adding yeast from the PicoPak. The finished product will be ready in about two hours, coming out carbonated and ready to serve and sip.

There are over 100 different PicoPaks to choose from, such as popular options from Dogfish and Rogue, as well as options from more local and even global breweries so you can expand your palette. Consumers can check out all the beer options at PicoBrew's BrewMarketplace, "the giant app store for beers," where they can also submit their own recipes. If approved by the beer judges, the user will then be approved to see their creations on the BrewMarketplace as well.

PicoBrew launched a Kickstarter campaign on Monday to be able to get this "3D printer" for beer in the homes of alcohol enthusiasts, raising over $150,000 of its $200,000 goal with 35 days to go.

Those who pledge $499 will get the early bird special that includes the Pico, one PicoPak, a fermenting keg, a dispensing keg and a Holiday Gift Booklet.

Source: Kickstarter

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