The Doctor Who universe just keeps getting bigger.

There was the original TV series. A TV film starring Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor came later. Then came the modern show that continued the adventures, starting with Christopher Eccleston's 9th Doctor. Following his popular debut on the new show's first season, John Barrowman's Captain Jack Harkness was spun off into his own series, Torchwood, which became a cult hit in its own right.

After guesting in an episode of the modern series, original series companion Elisabeth Sladen got her own show in The Sarah Jane Adventures. Robo-dog K-9 occasionally guest starred on Sarah Jane, after doing the same on the old Doctor Who. He was meant to be a one-off sidekick but proved popular with fans (another spin-off called Class, set at Coal Hill Secondary School, a pivotal location on the show, is coming in 2016).

K-9 got his own show, a half-hour comedy/adventure aimed at kids that was a co-production between studios from the UK and Australia. The show saw K-9 "regenerate" (not unlike the Doctor) into a more advanced robot dog form and undertake adventures alongside a new team of human heroes. It ran for a single season from 2009 to 2010. Fans have been clamoring for a second season for years, but it's been slow coming.

Today, fans finally know why. Instead of a new season, a theatrical film is being made, called K-9: Timequake. The story has K-9 go head-to-head against a renegade Time Lord (and a major figure from Gallifreyan history) named Omega. K-9 will be voiced in the film by John Leeson, who has voiced him since his debut.

The news was announced by series co-creator Bob Baker at the Doctor Who Appreciation Society convention. From there, it spread quickly to Facebook.

K-9: Timequake is targeting a 2017 release date. You can follow its development at the official K-9 website.

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